Hajji Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund visited Uruzgan province

July 26, 2022

After performing Hajj rituals, Hajji Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund, Deputy PM for Economic Affairs, visited his hometown, Deh Rawood District, Uruzgan Province, on Tuesday, July 26, 2022.

During his visit, Hajji Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund met with officials, Mujahideen, and ordinary people of Uruzgan and praised security, on-time delivery of necessary assistance to the people affected by recent rains, and the work done in different fields.

The Deputy PM for Economic Affairs gave necessary recommendations to all the officials regarding the good management of the work and asked them to serve this afflicted nation with great honesty and sincerity. He added that these are the people who have made all kinds of sacrifices for the rule of the Islamic system and have suffered a lot. Now, it is their right that the Islamic Emirate provide them with a peaceful life.

While meeting with the residents and elders of Uruzgan, Hajji Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund assured them that the Islamic Emirate is working very hard to solve the problems of the people, improve their lives, and eliminate unemployment, and added that, fortunately, we have good achievements in this area.

The residents of the region also expressed their satisfaction with the behavior of the civil and military officials of the Islamic Emirate and said that they are happy that the whole of Afghanistan has been ruled by a complete Islamic system and that hatred and ethnic prejudice have been eradicated.