Mulla Abdul Ghani Baradar Akhund's speech at the third anniversary of the Doha Agreement

To the honorable officials of the cabinet of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the present dignitaries, the dear Mujahideen brothers in the hall, and the entire nation of Afghanistan!

Peace and God’s mercy be upon you,

It would be wonderful to have all of those friends who were present when the Doha Accord was signed. This is the outcome of their pain and tribulations; therefore, I wish they were all here now. One day I woke up for Sahari (the pre-dawn meal) and asked Wasiq Sahib and Khairkhwa Sahib how they were.  They said they had just gotten up from the negotiating table. That is, our break fasting meal and Sahari were almost always at the table with them (the representatives of the USA).  We have succeeded because both the political commission in Doha and the Mujahideen in Afghanistan made the same sacrifices, endured the same suffering, and persevered. One of the most significant and valuable days in Afghan history is February 29, 2020. By signing the Doha Accord, which began a new chapter in Afghanistan's modern history, the Afghan Mujahid people put the final nail in the coffin of the third emperor invader of Afghanistan three years ago on this day. Afghans have heroically triumphed in the realms of the sword and conflict, and they have also demonstrated their aptitude and independence in the realms of politics and negotiation. Of course, we lacked the opposition's level of political expertise. Nevertheless, thank God we had Islamic scholars with us. We had faith that Allah would assist us. Whether it was a minor or significant issue, we would discuss it with the scholars. First, everyone would agree on it and then the decision would be made. We would deliberate on issues in light of Sharia law before presenting our choices to the leadership, who would then grant decisive approval. Alhamdulillah, nobody has been able to point out a problem with the agreement as a whole, which we reached on our own and settled upon or approved without consulting the leadership. Every person in Qatar had dedicated their life to achieving the Afghans' goals. Their sincerity led to us coming together here. Although it wasn't a small group, some friends had questions about how this little group could defeat the larger one. That was a sizable group in Allah's sight and unmatched in the entire world because only His most cherished subjects receive triumphs from Him, as He has done for us. At this point, I would like to assure my people and call attention to the fact that Afghans have complied with their Doha Agreement obligations. We adhere to any agreements we have with the United States and have not voiced any opposition to them. We have set up an inclusive government. Individuals from all of the nation's groups can see one another in this group. We have upheld the safety of our citizens, made significant economic improvements, and established the notion of Afghanistan's land not being a threat to the outside world. We are content with Almighty Allah. Every village or city in the thirty-four provinces adheres to the Islamic Emirate's legal system when the entire nation is taken into account. Or, to put it another way, no village is outside the Islamic Emirate's jurisdiction. This is unprecedented in the past few decades. Thank God, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan now controls the entire nation; not a single area has been taken out of control. On the other hand, during the discussions, the American side fell short of its commitments. The scheduled release date for the Afghan prisoners was not observed. Thank God, the friends were so steadfast in their resolve that nobody was let down. Also, the United States didn't keep its vow to leave Afghanistan by the deadline. The United States' deal with the Islamic Emirate was not anticipated by the international community. But as you can see, not a single one of their soldiers is present in Afghanistan. Several other promises made by the US were not kept. They continue to illegally impose sanctions and freeze the national resources of Afghanistan while keeping the names of Islamic Emirate leaders on the blacklist. In addition to this, they have committed illegal conduct by forcing the international community not to engage with Afghans regarding economic issues. They are not getting involved or letting others do so. These were the agreements that we and the US had signed at Doha, but today the world holds us accountable for breaking our commitments. Is it not shameful that Americans are freezing Afghans' assets? This money actually belongs to ordinary Afghans, not the Islamic Emirate. The government does not need this money; the citizens do though. Alhamdulillah, Afghanistan is the only country where there is no American military present. However, everywhere they have been, they have left their bases operational there with their men in. As they do with other nations, I would like to see the world interact positively and on the basis of goodwill with the Afghan people. This would be in line with Islam and humanity. We wish to communicate with all countries since each one needs the others. The rest of the world should act in a similar manner to how other countries have recently acted in reference to Afghanistan's rights. They will successfully demonstrate their independence by doing this in every way. We desire positive relations between all countries and the people and government of Afghanistan. We were supposed to end the occupation. It was done as a result of extraordinary conquests. Now the protection of this independence is even more important. Allah provided us with many favors and triumphs. How are we to give thanks for this favor? I ask that all Islamic Emirate authorities choose humility over haughtiness. The results of boasting and haughtiness are clear to you. This system will stabilize if we sincerely turn to Allah. We need to deliberate and make a decision. Check out how you act around the community! See how you treat one another! May Allah make us more loving to one another.