The Meeting Of The Economic Commission Took Place In Marmarin Palace Under The Leadership Of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Akhund

Sun, Feb 19 2023 12:50 PM
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Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Akhund, the Deputy PM for Economic Affairs, presided over the regular meeting of the Economic Commission at Marmarin Palace. During the meeting, the topics listed on the agenda were discussed. Following a thorough discussion, it was decided that the Ministry of Industry and Commerce should progressively take control of the remaining military bases of the foreign forces with the intention of converting them into special economic zones. For this purpose, pilot operations will begin only on the bases in Balkh and Kabul. In addition, it was determined that the selected delegation, including the representative of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Office, would be tasked with examining the completion and quality of the remaining works of the Shah Wa Aros Dam. The survey will be carried out, and the results will be presented at the Economic Commission's subsequent meeting. In addition, it was decided that two separate committees led by the Railway Authority and the Ministry of Energy and Water should identify projects in the railway and energy sectors that can be solely financed with internal revenues. Similarly, the discussion covered the subject of installing GPS devices on trucks. It was decided that the appointed committee should discuss the issue with the concerned companies and submit its findings to the Economic Commission. The layout of the park in Shahar-e-Now was also the subject of an extensive discussion. The decision was made to share the plan's modifications with the Kabul Municipality and the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing before presenting it to the Economic Commission. At the end of the meeting, the major infrastructure projects on the verge of completion were discussed, and the budget allocation was approved for the next year.

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