The Disaster Management Commission Held a Coordination Meeting for Earthquake Victims in Paktika and Khost Provinces

رسیده گی حوادث

Jun 23, 2022

The Disaster Management Commission of the Deputy PM for Economic Affairs held a coordination meeting with the relevant ministries to provide basic services to the people affected by last night's earthquake in Paktika and Khost provinces.

The Acting Minister of Refugees and Repatriation, Khalil-ur-Rehman Haqqani; the Acting Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock, Maulvi Abdul Rahman Rashid; the Deputy Minister of State for Disaster Management, Maulvi Sharafuddin Muslim; the Director of Public Relations of the Deputy PM for Economic Affairs, Mullah Wali Jan Akhund; and some other government officials were also attending the meeting.

The participants of the meeting decided that, first of all, medical teams should be sent to the spot to treat the injured immediately. It was decided at the meeting that, in accordance with the decision of the Cabinet, the officials of the Ministry of State for Disaster Management should visit the site of the incident and create coordination between all government and private aid agencies.