New Housing Town Handed Over to Earthquake Victims in Zindajan District, Herat

Thu, Jun 13 2024 9:53 PM
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In the Zindajan district of Herat, a new town comprising 100 houses has been constructed and handed over to those affected by last year's earthquake. During his visit to Herat province on June 13, Mufti Abdullah Azzam, Chief of Staff of the Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Office, officiated the handover ceremony. The event was attended by provincial officials, representatives from the private sector, and local residents. In his speech, Mufti Azzam acknowledged the widespread damage caused by climate change, earthquakes, and floods across various regions of Afghanistan, leading to significant personal and financial losses for the residents. He noted that critical infrastructure had also been affected by these disasters. Mufti Azzam highlighted the unprecedented damage from the earthquake in Herat, emphasizing the heavy toll it took on the citizens, with many losing their lives and homes. Despite the tragedy, he praised the prompt response of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which mobilized available resources to assist the affected areas swiftly.Addressing the ongoing needs, Mufti Azzam pointed out that many residents of Herat still lack adequate shelter and require further assistance. He assured that the Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Office, along with other relevant agencies, remains committed to supporting these individuals.Expressing his satisfaction with the construction of the new houses, Mufti Azzam stated, "I am very pleased that today we are distributing 100 houses to the earthquake-affected families in Herat province. These homes will provide shelter and a more stable life for hundreds of people." He extended his gratitude to all those who contributed to the construction efforts and reaffirmed the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's commitment to standing by the people impacted by natural disasters. In his remarks, Mufti Azzam also touched upon the country's national development strategy. He revealed that the Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Office is working on a comprehensive five-year plan that will soon see its first draft completed. This strategy aims to identify national priorities based on the country's actual needs and available resources, promoting regular economic growth, creating investment opportunities, and enhancing overall economic development. The plan is expected to manage and accelerate the country's growth process effectively.

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