TAPI Project: The practical work will begin in coming spring

March 16, 2022

The practical work of TAPI project will start in Herat province next spring. Mohammad Murad Amaanov, Executive Director of the TAPI Project, said in a meeting with Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund, First Deputy Prime Minister, that Turkmenistan is ready to start the project with an investment of 600 million dollars from Herat and to accelerate the work to create qualified teams from both countries soon. He added that the World Islamic Bank, the Asian Development Bank, as well as Russian, Chinese, and some Arab banks are ready to invest in the TAPI project.

Mr. Amaanov said that they want the acting government of Afghanistan to start work on the TAPI project, resolve the issue of land acquisition for a passing pipeline on Afghan soil, and waive taxes on revenue.

According to Mr. Murad Amaanov, they want the taxes, which amount to about 20 million dollars, to be waived on Afghan soil alone, and in return, Turkmenistan will invest 20 million dollars in extending a pipeline of the TAPI project from Guzara station to the industrial park of Herat province, which will increase productivity in the industrial park and provide jobs for many people.

Mr. Beradar Akhund described the current situation in Afghanistan as a good opportunity for the launch of the TAPI project, adding that the Islamic Emirate considers the 9 formal agreements on the TAPI project applicable after its evaluation and they are ready to cooperate in any way in this regard.

The First Deputy Prime Minister assured the Executive Director of the TAPI Project that in order to better coordinate the work of the project, a competent delegation will be appointed by the concerned ministries and the issue of land acquisition will be finalized soon. Mr. Beradar Akhund called for detailed discussions between the technical teams of the two countries on tax exemption on Afghan soil, which will be decided later.

The Executive Director of TAPI Project said that tax exemptions on Afghan soil have a direct impact on the price of gas, which currently costs between 900 and 1200 dollars per cubic meter, and in the case of exemptions, the maximum price will be 500 dollars. "Turkmenistan is ready to send its technical teams to Afghanistan to work on gas distribution with the Afghan side," he added. He also said that they want to set up a joint interim administration with all the Afghan agencies involved in the TAPI project throughout the project, especially in order to facilitate the implementation work and transfer of funds.

The First Deputy Prime Minister thanked Turkmenistan for its efforts in getting the TAPI project started as soon as possible and insisted that serious steps will be taken in this regard.