The Turkish Delegation met with the First Deputy Prime Minister

Dec 20, 2021

The First Deputy Prime Minister, Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund, met with a delegation of Turkish businessmen and investors in his office. Turkish investors stated that they are pleased to see that the political, security, and economic situation in Afghanistan has improved since the great transformation on August 15 and that they are meeting with the leaders of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in a peaceful environment.

The head of the delegation, Abdullah Shoresh, who specializes in water management as well as energy, said: "The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has concluded its negotiations with the United States very well, and now it is time to build the economy and take urgent steps to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe." He added that Turkish businessmen and investors are ready to invest in the resumption of major infrastructure projects in Afghanistan, mining, the construction of major dams and other key sectors. Mr. Shoresh said that Turkey and Afghanistan have remained close and friendly throughout history and have had good relations. Looking at the background of these relations, they want to launch major economic projects in cooperation with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to boost Afghanistan's economic growth and reduce unemployment.

The First Deputy Prime Minister, Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund, praised the efforts of Turkey, adding that the conditions for investment in Afghanistan are now better than in the past, now the international investors can invest in different sectors here. He added, in the past 20 years, the united States have not accomplished any major project or done any vital work in the country. When they were leaving Afghanistan, they have destroyed much of the equipment at Kabul International Airport; which have clearly questioned the 20 years of their economic cooperation. The United States is now trying to put political and economic pressures on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan after its military defeat in Afghanistan.

Moreover, Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund added that they do not want bad relations with anyone, including the United States, and that the Islamic Emirate strives to have good relations with all countries in the region and the world. He said now peace and security are maintained in Afghanistan and the international community could invest in various sectors here.

The First Deputy Prime Minister said that an unstable and weak Afghanistan is not in the interest of anyone, including the countries of the region. The world should invest here instead of destabilizing Afghanistan; this is for the benefit of all.

At the end the continuation of such meetings between the two parties were emphasized, and specialized teams were assigned to work on all important and critical approaches in this regard.