Deputy PM Mullah Baradar Akhund's Speech at the 30th Spring Exhibition of Agricultural Products


In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most gracious,

To the esteemed officials of the Islamic Emirate, esteemed investors, representatives of the private sector, esteemed farmers, respected members of the media, and esteemed participants of this gathering,

Peace be upon you; may God's mercy and blessings be upon you.

It is indeed a pleasure to be with you today at the 30th Spring Exhibition of Agricultural Products. As you are well aware, exhibitions serve as platforms to showcase a nation's industrial and agricultural offerings.

Governments worldwide strive to organize such gatherings to secure markets for their products, both domestically and internationally. Beyond mere product display, exhibitions serve as catalysts for economic growth and prosperity, fostering business expansion and encouraging investment within the sector.

Through exhibitions, we can showcase our products to the public and attract potential investors, thus stimulating economic development. Undoubtedly, investment in product manufacturing and industrial production contributes significantly to a nation's economic advancement.

In line with this vision, the Islamic Emirate has embarked on a series of exhibitions, both domestically and internationally, to showcase Afghanistan's industrial and agricultural products. A recent example is the Afghan-Kazakh exhibition held in Kabul last week, and today marks the 30th Spring Exhibition of Agricultural Products. Our objective is to support our farmers while introducing and promoting our products to the public.

Agriculture and livestock play pivotal roles in our national economy, serving as primary drivers of economic growth, contributing significantly to exports, poverty reduction, job creation, industrial raw material supply, food security, and constituting a significant portion of our GDP.

Hence, the Islamic Emirate is committed to enhancing the agricultural sector's development, aiming to increase agricultural and livestock product output to bolster our national economy.

Despite Afghanistan's fertile land and abundant water resources for irrigation, our agricultural productivity lags behind that of neighboring and regional countries. This is primarily attributed to traditional farming practices, extensive uncultivated arable land, limited adoption of modern technology, inefficient water utilization, insufficient technical expertise, inadequate seed centers, lack of cold storage facilities, improper use of chemical fertilizers, and insufficient motivation for agricultural production.

To address these challenges, the Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Office has been diligently collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture, advocating for the adoption of agricultural mechanization and modern technology. Additionally, in collaboration with Afghan experts, the Deputy PM's office has commenced work on a comprehensive national development strategy, pending approval from His Excellency Amir Ul Mo’mineen Sheikh Hibatullah Akhundzada.

Recognizing agriculture's pivotal role in the economic growth of agrarian nations, the Islamic Emirate has prioritized water management alongside its focus on industrial development. To this end, significant projects have been initiated, exemplified by the recent inauguration of the Pashdan Dam in Herat province. Upon completion, the dam will store 54 million cubic meters of water, manage an annual flow of 200 million cubic meters, and irrigate over thirteen thousand hectares of land.

Furthermore, efforts to diversify transit routes, establish an agricultural bank, mechanize the agricultural sector, expand domestic and international markets for agricultural products, enhance product quality, implement coding systems, construct cold storage facilities, increase the agricultural sector's budget in the national fiscal plan, and attract foreign investment are underway.

In conclusion, I extend my gratitude to the Ministry of Agriculture officials for organizing this exhibition, which serves as a platform for promoting agricultural products.

Thank you for your attention.