In the name of Allah, the most merciful and compassionate

Esteemed government officials, distinguished representatives of the private sector, respected businessmen, industrialists, investors, and all participants of this meeting,

May God's mercy and praise be upon you.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has consistently demonstrated its unwavering support for the private sector, taking substantial and practical steps to back businessmen and investors. It is our firm belief and obligation to support the private sector, to create favorable conditions for both domestic and foreign investors, and to prioritize the development of our domestic industry.

To this end, His Excellency the Amir Ul-Mo'minin Sheikh Hibatullah Akhundzadah has enacted significant measures including the waiver of tax fines, tax exemptions, and discounts for traders and businessmen. Additionally, the government has initiated the payment of guarantees and demands to companies, marking crucial steps in our commitment to bolstering the private sector.

Moreover, the Islamic Emirate has strategically raised customs tariffs on imported goods that are domestically produced and can meet the needs of our people. This policy is designed to support local production and reduce dependency on foreign goods. Furthermore, all government institutions have been instructed to prioritize the procurement of domestic products, even if their quality is somewhat lower than that of foreign alternatives, thereby fostering the growth of our local industry.

With the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate, we have created an encouraging environment for investment across various sectors. Presently, there are promising opportunities in electricity, mining, agriculture, industry, transport, infrastructure, telecommunications, healthcare, and the printing of passports and ID cards. Domestic investors and foreign entities, who previously hesitated to invest in Afghanistan, are now actively exploring these opportunities.

The Islamic Emirate remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainable economic growth, the creation of new job opportunities, robust support for the private sector, and the removal of obstacles to lawful business activities. We are also focused on establishing the necessary facilities for trade and transit. A prime example of our dedication is the Private Sector Support Fund, which is the focus of our gathering today.

The primary objective of the Private Sector Support Fund is to secure reliable financial resources for project implementation, provide financial backing for programs aimed at standardizing domestic products, support national and international exhibitions, establish specialized export centers, and finance other vital initiatives within the private sector.

By establishing this fund, we aim to accelerate the growth and development of trade, transit, industry, and domestic production, while simultaneously reducing unemployment and creating job opportunities for our citizens.

In conclusion, we urge representatives of the private sector to expedite their activities and enhance their quality, ensuring that our citizens are not deprived of the standard amenities of life.