Economic Commission: Investment in power generation should be prioritized by the private sector

April 23, 2022

The Economic Commission, headed by First Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund, had a detailed discussion on all areas in which the private sector is ready to invest, and he prioritized their investment in power generation.

The commission instructed the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Chamber of Industry and Mines, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, under the leadership of the Ministry of Energy and Water, to generate electricity from coal in industrial parks, large cities, and other such areas; set priorities according to the volume of coal and the need for electricity; and then start working on it.

The move comes at a time when Afghanistan imports approximately 80% of its electricity and spends millions of dollars on it each year.

Nooruddin Azizi, acting Minister of Industry and Trade, said that the private sector, in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, is ready to invest in industries, mining, medical and food services, electricity, and agriculture.

According to Mr. Azizi, generating electricity inside Afghanistan will not only prevent millions of dollars a year from flowing to foreign countries but will also boost domestic industry, increase production, and provide employment opportunities for many people.