The First Deputy Prime Minister met with representatives of the private sector

Dec 5, 2021

In his office, Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund, First Deputy PM, met with representatives of the private sector. The First Deputy PM, Mullah Beradar Akhund, praised the efforts of the private sector in Afghanistan and assured them of complete security. He said that the private sector plays the most important role in reviving a country's economy, and its contribution in this regard is significant.

Representatives of the private sector shared their concerns with the First Deputy PM and said that strict withdrawal of money from banks for the purchase of raw materials, non-transfer of money through banks when purchasing goods from international trade markets, and tax-related problems in customs are the main obstacles in their way.

Khan Jan Alakozai, member of the Board of Directors of the private sector investment chamber, said that the problems had affected their business, costing them millions of dollars. He added that if these problems are not resolved, the collapse of Afghanistan’s private sector in the near future is not far off. He said that the IEA should take serious steps in this regard.

After listening to the problems of the private sector, The First Deputy Prime Minister instructed the relevant organs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to solve the problems of the private sector in these areas and help them to ensure good production and meet the needs of the people.

In order to revive Afghanistan's economy, the First Deputy PM called on domestic investors and the international community to invest in various sectors, especially mining and the construction of dams.

“If the mines and underground deposits are properly extracted and marketed, it will provide employment for many people and will be a good step towards self-sufficiency,” said Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund. He added that Afghanistan is a rich country in the region due to its mines, most of which are still standing and have not been used.

Mullah Beradar Akhund, also referred to the construction of dams, adding that if the international community invests in the construction of dams, Afghanistan will have its own electricity and its impact on the country's desert development will be enormous.