The Speech of the Deputy PM for Economic Affairs of Afghanistan at the Conference Organized by Afghan Expatriate Investors in Türkiye

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“Afghanistan, having freed itself from foreign occupation, has been bestowed with divine blessings, achieving the comprehensive security it has long aspired for. Over the past two decades, the safety of Afghan citizens, particularly national traders and investors, remained precarious. However, with the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate, their security has been robustly reinstated, enabling them to pursue their business endeavors within a secure environment.

The revival of a centralized system in Afghanistan has not only expanded investment prospects for the Afghan populace but also for foreign entities. An illustrative example of this is found in the cooperative agreements and investments forged by Asian and European investors, in partnership with Afghan counterparts, within the Ghorian mine situated in Herat.

Besides energy, mining, agriculture, transportation, infrastructure, telecommunications, technology, and healthcare, investment across numerous other sectors is imperative for our nation's growth. The affluent individuals of our society should give precedence to these areas, directing investments toward endeavors crucial to the well-being of our citizens. Notably, the production of essential food items and high-quality medicines stands among these fundamental needs.

With the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate, decisive actions have been taken against corruption, illicit drug cultivation, and smuggling. The cultivation of opium poppy has been eradicated, making way for the expansion of wheat, cotton, and other agricultural produce. In the 1401 solar year, Afghanistan's exports totaled approximately two billion dollars, reflecting a doubling increase compared to previous years. This underscores the expansion of our business landscape and the elevation of our production capacity. One contributing factor is the exemption of tax penalties for industrialists by His Excellency Amir Ul Momineen Sheikh Sahib.

Sufficient electricity has been supplied for industrial needs, while efforts are underway to further augment electricity production and finalize pending electrical projects. Simultaneously, industrial parks have been developed, taxes on raw materials reduced, and the rehabilitation of highways commenced to catalyze business growth. Through the restoration of these roadways, trade will flourish, and streamlined facilities will emerge for the transit of goods from Central Asia to South Asia.

To bolster traders and economic progress, investor representatives actively participate in Economic Commission meetings, ensuring their perspectives are incorporated. Furthermore, under the guidance of His Excellency Amir Ul Momineen Sheikh Sahib, the establishment of Afghanistan's National Economic Advisory Board is in progress, ensuring the inclusion of businesspersons and investors.

To mitigate the bureaucracy faced by investors within governmental agencies, a robust committee, encompassing all ministries and departments, operates under the aegis of the Deputy PM for the Economic Affairs Office. This committee oversees investor affairs across all agencies concurrently.

To stimulate domestic production, import taxes have been heightened for products that are domestically manufacturable, coupled with exhibitions showcasing Afghan products domestically and abroad. Priority in mining ventures has been accorded to domestic investors, exemplified by the Herat and Ghor mines, among others.

The Islamic Emirate has undertaken these measures to facilitate domestic and foreign investments. Ensuring the safeguarding of their lives, property, and dignity, investors can lead honorable lives within Afghanistan.

I extend a query to Afghan investors residing in Türkiye: ‘What conditions and infrastructure do you await in your homeland? Afghanistan belongs to all Afghans, transcending geographical location, ethnicity, or linguistic biases. Each individual holds a responsibility toward its development.’

Once more, I implore all Afghans, national entrepreneurs, industrialists, and investors residing in Türkiye and worldwide, to converge and engage in diverse sectors within our nation. Invest in domains such as mining, agriculture, energy generation, dam construction, transportation, and industry. Collaborate with fellow countrymen to advance our nation's progress. We shall construct our homeland, a realm of gratitude bestowed upon us by Allah on a regional scale.

In conclusion, my gratitude goes to the Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Türkiye and Afghanistan, along with the organizers of this event, for convening this significant gathering.

Thank you for your kind attention

May Allah grant you success in your endeavors